Gaining Market for Re-use of Carpet Tiles

Conserve was consulting Interface Flor, UK on developing a strategy to achieving its goal to be a zero-waste company in India. The aim of the project was to identify suitable markets for refurbished carpet tiles and developing viable business models for the sales of refurbished carpet tiles. The model included suggestions for profitable markets, establishing supply chains, investment costs and estimating profitability. The project also included designing examples of an upcycled range that can be produced from carpet tiles and generate revenue by sales of upcycled products.

Second hand carpet tiles in the market

The research was initiated with primary research of the second-hand market in India and the sales of refurbished products to businesses, the middle class and the lower income group. Businesses showed a keen interest and our looking forward to investing in more sustainable practices. Green buildings and environmentally conscious MNC’s are leading the way. Many start-ups too exclaimed deep interest in the initiative.

Conserve presented strategies for 3 target groups where sales of refurbished tiles could take place:-

  • Green buildings – Reducing the carbon footprint of the building.
  • Start-ups – Cheaper cost of refurbished tiles make it an attractive option.
  • Low-cost housing – Provides insulation from the cold floor in winters.