Training in Footwear Manufacturing

Conserve India has provided training support to over 300 rag pickers and has not only upgraded their skills, but provided them an opportunity to specialise. Conserve has provided training in footwear manufacturing, and apart from classroom based training, the participants were provided industry experience. Conserve not only employed the trainees, but has identified those with an entrepreneurial bent of mind and provided them soft loans to help them set up their businesses. Conserve has therefore provided opportunities to rag pickers to learn new skills and better their incomes, work environment and quality of life.

Most recently, Conserve conducted a footwear making training program for the inhabitants of the slum cluster in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. This program was conducted for two months with a trainess batch of 10 persons. The Project commenced in the first week of March and concluded on the 30th of April 2016. The objective of this intervention was to teach them basic skills like cutting, pasting and stitching so that they could get employment in the footwear sector factories located at the footwear park complex in Bahadurgarh itself.

The program components were:

  • Basic design & pattern cutting
  • Material consumption & costing
  • Clicking of material
  • Sewing of components
  • Fabrication of Sole components
  • Lasting

The above sections of footwear manufacturing were demonstrated fully or partly as per the requirement of the job and skill acquired by the trainees with available resources to make them adjust and become competent enough to do a job in this field and earn a livelihood.

A 30 day training module was developed as the curriculum with the next 30 days as hands on practical training in the factory.