Shikha Shakti Gyan Kendra

Conserve India also set up a school called Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra in May 2012, to provide opportunities for the children of rag pickers to study and have access to opportunities for a better future. There are 70 children enrolled in Nursery, KG and 1st Standard, and as these children graduate, a new level will be added each year. The teachers are from the local community and are passionate about providing exciting learning opportunities for the children. The art teacher is an immensely talented rag picker, whom Conserve India identified and trained. The school also doubles up as a centre for adult literacy, with 30 women attending the centre in the evenings for sessions in Hindi, Arithmetic and Counselling. What is heart rendering is the enthusiasm with which women attend the school in the evening, to learn what they never had an opportunity to receive.

The malnutrition prevalent amongst school children led us to  set up a mobile health clinic in the year 2000 to address health issues being faced by rag pickers who were supplying raw materials to them. These health issues were largely due to the unhygienic work conditions in garbage dumps from where they picked out materials for recycling. Conserve India found that a large percentage of them had long standing medical issues which went untreated by available service providers, due to barriers such as poor infrastructure, distance or cost. Conserve India, through the mobile van has broken these barriers and has taken basic health care to the doorstep of every house. The mobile clinic moves from one community to the other and provides basic checkups, diagnostics, and referrals. Conserve India also conducts health awareness workshops to create a health seeking behaviour, so people accessing the mobile clinics is maximised.  Over 3000 people have accessed the facilities and the numbers are growing each year, as more people become aware and seek medical assistance.