Circular Economy Symposium (CES)

We are thrilled to announce Conserve India as the winner in NGOs/ Not for Profits category at 3rd edition of the FICCI Indian Circular Economy Awards 2022.

Conserve has directed its efforts towards environmental conservation, while simultaneously creating socially uplifting conditions by empowering underprivileged individuals with employable opportunities since 1997.
They have patented a technology to convert single use plastic into handmade recycled plastic also known as HRP in 2008 which mimics vegan leather and is used to create fashion and home products. With their continuous efforts, they have been able to upcycle 360 tonnes of plastic, train 2800 people in upcycling processes, increase the income of waste pickers by almost 150% and avoid 53,000 kgs of CO2 emissions.

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Outstanding Work in Circularity

The India Circular Economy Forum by International Council for Circular Economy hosted a two day conference covering the importance of circularity in plastics, carbon, emissions and the tools and innovations that can accelerate this movement.

The keynote was given by Sri Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog. He talked about India’s plan for growth without emissions and focusing on sustainable growth.

We were also awarded the award for “Outstanding Work in Circularity” in the non-profit category for our facets of projects with waste, technology development and research and advocacy for circularity in plastics and textiles.

Thank you International Council for Circular Economy for recognising our effort at the wonderful forum!

Champion for Community Engagement

Conserve India & LIFAFFA have been awarded two awards at the UN Women Asia Pacific WEP’s Awards at the India ceremony today.
1. Conserve India was awarded as the Champion for Community Engagement and Partnerships in the SME category.
2. Our CEO, Kanika Ahuja, was awarded the first runner up in the Youth Leadership category.

Kanika Ahuja, talked about how gender equality drills a sense of prosperity in our society. “Prosperity is not just about wealth but growth of social fibre. It is the sense in which society as a whole and humans must have the opportunity to realise their full potential without social shackles that hold them down. To be the way they are and have the freedom to dream, to do, to grow, and to enable others to do the same, only then, can we imagine our world coming closer to being prosperous only if people themselves are equally allowed to prosper!”

COVID Response Alliance For Social Entrepreneurs

Thank you for the recognition COVID Response Alliance For Social Entrepreneurs and World Economic Forum. Our immense gratitude to our on ground team for continuing to deliver relief materials under extreme conditions to the most poverty-afflicted areas dealing with the wrath and aftermath of the disastrous second wave of COVID in India.

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