Advocacy + Lobbying

We use our on-ground experience and research to influence governments, companies and decision-makers to do the right thing for people and the planet.

Energy Efficiency

In partnership with USAID and the Alliance to Save Energy, we initiated a project to gather a bipartisan alliance of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders under one platform. The Council of Energy Efficiency Companies of India aims to implement Energy Efficiency products, technologies, and services to achieve economic growth, a cleaner environment, greater energy security, and improved affordability and reliability.


Fair Trade

Since we began manufacturing in 2005, Conserve has been deeply committed to the Fair Trade principles of labour with dignity. Today, we hold certifications from the National Fair Trade organization Fair Trade Forum, India and global Fair Trade certifying body, World Fair Trade Organization.

Our Fair Trade practices have led us to advocate for Fair Trade policy standards across farming and manufacturing industries and specifically within the handicrafts and textile supply chain. We remain active Fair Trade proponents at the Municipality level, within public procurement by State governments, and at Industry events on Labour and Livelihoods.

Ghent-ITC EU cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award

Read more about our current ongoing project with the Municipality of Sahnewal, Ludhiana, Punjab to establish Ludhiana as North India’s first Fair Trade Town by inculcating Fair Trade in the social fibre of the city.

Circular Economy

Since 2002, Circular Economy has been one of Conserve’s core values. In addition to discovering Handmade Recycled Plastic, our patented fabric made from recycled plastic found in landfills, we are champions of waste management and composting. We are dedicated to bringing issues surrounding plastic waste to India’s policymakers — specifically the Ministry of Environment, Niti Aayog, the Central Government and the Clean Ganga Missions.

We presented our sustainable textile brand LIFAFFA’s circular strategies during the Circular Design Challenge at Lakme Fashion Week/IMG Reliance, and remain ongoing active participants in a range of sustainable circular fashion events, including The Circular Collective and The Circular Apparel Innovation Fund.


Advocacy and Lobbying – Read our published works here. We have also received prestigious awards in this category, check them out here.

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Materials Engineering

Recycled Hard Plastics –
With the rising focus on the quantum and recyclability of hard plastic waste, Conserve initiated its research process into creation of upcycled products from HDPE, i.e Hard Plastic waste.Through thorough research on the material structure and extensive experimentations with the Sheet Press machine capable of turning shredded HDPE waste into sheets, we started prototyping and ideating products capable of recyclability, aesthetic appeal, durability, waterproof nature, and capable of withstanding higher temperatures. Through our upcycling process of hard plastic starting with segregation, washing, shredding, sheet making, and final product design, we have successfully been able to create products ranging from coasters to pen stands, high end home decor items to corporate use items having the ability to compete with virgin plastic products.